Covered Bridge Ride

Experience a Ride Through a Real Covered Bridge on a Back Country Road


View an authentic covered bridge while touring historic countryside riding in an Amish horse and buggy.


This ride typically takes 55 minutes.


Adults – $28.00
Children 12 & Under – $14.00
Children 2 & Under – FREE

With this ride, you’ll be taken through beautiful Amish farmland and hills, so that you can see more of Lancaster County.

This is the only ride that will take you through an authentic covered bridge on a back country road; no other buggy ride offers that. Many covered bridges have been built recently as attractions, or have fallen into disrepair.

This covered bridge dates back to the 1800s, and has been maintained by the combined effort of the Paradise and Leacock townships.

The bridges are covered by a roof, to protect the weakest parts of the bridge from weather. There’s more to see with this ride, including an Amish schoolhouse and a limestone barn.

When the country roadside stand is open, our driver will also make a stop for you to purchase some Amish baked goods. The Amish children working the stand will tell you what has been freshly baked, and bring it to you in the buggy.

This ride is a favorite for many who want to see the most of what Lancaster County has to offer. Visitors love the sound of the horses’ hooves on the wood of the bridge, and the opportunity to ask the driver questions they have about Amish life and culture.

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