About AAA Buggy Rides​

AAA Buggy Rides is a Family-Owned Horse and Buggy Ride Business

From the beginning, AAA (Amish All Around) Buggy Rides has always been driven by a passion for Lancaster County visitors to experience the peace and the wholesomeness of the Amish culture while they tour through the magnificent and magical Lancaster County farmland. It has been in operation for over 20 years, offering horse and buggy rides in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

Along the way, we’ve surrounded ourselves with like-minded individuals, including genuine Amish drivers, and young people from various backgrounds. Each employee has a story to share, and we have had the pleasure to host hundreds of thousands of visitors to Amish country, from all over the world.

We have created our buggy rides to be relaxing and informative entertainment and family fun. If you want to learn about Amish clothing, quilts, homes or the differences between Amish and Mennonite, ride with us. Our friendly and knowledgeable drivers would love to speak with you while you take any one of our three picturesque buggy rides.

We provide a thirty-five minute Country Buggy Ride. The beautiful four-mile back country ride goes through Amish farms, up a hill, down a valley, and by an Amish schoolhouse with scenery that is truly wonderful.

We offer a fifty-five minute Covered Bridge Ride that goes through a real covered bridge on a back country road. This buggy ride is over five miles long on peaceful, quiet Amish roads.

We also provide an Amish Farm Tour. This is a sixty-five minute buggy ride where you get out of the buggy and the driver guides you through the barn where the Amish family works together milking the cows. See where they store the milk; you may even have the opportunity to meet the Amish children as you tour and see the workings of the Amish farm.

Our expectation is to be the highlight of your visit to the Amish country by providing magnificent Amish buggy rides. We invite you to spend time with us, and experience for yourself why we love living with Amish All Around.

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