Amish Farm Tour

Experience Firsthand and Tour a Working Amish Dairy Farm


Travel by horse and buggy to an interactive tour featuring the sights, sounds, and smells of a genuine working certified organic Amish dairy farm.


This ride typically takes 65 minutes.


Adult – $36.00
Children 12 & Under – $18.00
Children 2 & Under – FREE

Our buggy takes you through beautiful Amish country and transports you a certified organic Amish Dairy farm where you will witness how an Amish family manages their farm.

The first thing you’ll see as you drive down the farm’s long driveway is the dairy barn and outstanding silos. The driver will then take you off of the buggy, and guide you through the cow stable and milk barn.

Then, as you enter the horse barn, see where the draft horses and mules are kept. You can pet the horses, and maybe even see the pigs and chickens. At the end, there is a little craft shed for you to purchase homemade Amish goods.

With our Amish Farm Tour, you’ll receive a scenic buggy ride, which will take you past Amish farms and stores, and the opportunity to actually get off of the buggy and join your driver on an unforgettable tour of a real working Amish farm.

Macy on the Amish Farm Tour

This ride is a family favorite, great for young kids, and an absolute must for anyone interested in observing how a genuine Amish family operates in today’s modern world.

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